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1. Bolt and latch

Bolt and latch in the central section of the lock, with inside handle and long plate


2. Multiple locking systems

You will find this security technology in the upper and lower section of the door leaf, depending on the version of the locking device.


3. Continuous, stainless steel face plate

This face plate is securely connected to the frame.


4. Integrated safety catch

Enables you to keep the door slightly ajar. The concealed lock parts are opened from outside using the main key or by turning the knob on the inside (special accessories).


5. Adjustable sweep

The KOMPOtherm® front door is fitted with a height-adjustable sweep, which is integrated in the sash (not NT 70 HD).

6. Two-part designer hinges

Series features include 3 two-part, adjustable hinges  in an attractive look that require no maintenance. The door leaf can be adjusted without having to remove it first. The hinges are always matched with the colour of the door (standard features).

7. Three-part designer hinges

As an alternative to the standard features, customers may also select 3 three-part, maintenance-free and adjustable hinges in an attractive look.

8. Stainless steel double bolts

These two additional safety bolts prevent forced levering and opening of the moving leaf on the hinge side (optional accessories).
Not available in a combination with concealed hinges.

9. Sweep

A combined aluminium-polyamide sweep is used for the Therm series (standard feature).

10. Automatic sealing unit

The automatic sealing unit in the Therm series provides effective protection against draughts.


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