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We use our own powder coating system to put the finishing touches on your front door in a single coating process. This ensures perfect powder application and absolute evenness of colour for all parts. Show your personality, even in your front door. KOMPOtherm® places the entire world of colour at your fingertips. No matter whether you prefer a shade from the RAL colour range, one of the sanded fine texture colours, lizard surfaces or warm, atmospheric wood décors. The variety of colours and textures gives you all the freedom you need for a creative door design.

As a special service, we do not charge extra if you would like different colours on the inside and outside of your front door!


The colour samples may differ due to their rendition on computer screens and are therefore not binding.

RAL 3004 matte crimson

RAL 5011 matte steel blue

RAL 6009 matte pine green

RAL 7016 matte anthracite grey

0683-7016 anthracite grey fine texture

0684-7040 window grey fine texture

0703 DB 703 iron glimmer

0396 DB 703 metallic fine texture

RAL 8007 matte deer brown

RAL 8016 matte mahogany brown

0800 deep brown fine texture

RAL 9001 matte creamy white

RAL 9006 matte white aluminium

RAL 9007 matte grey aluminium

RAL 9016 silky gloss traffic white

0673 silver grey fine texture


0305 sand metallic fine texture

0306 beige metallic fine texture

0341 highland green metallic fine texture

0349 blue fine texture

0351 marble brown fine texture

0357 white marble fine texture

0374-7039 quartz grey fine texture

0391 9006 white aluminium fine texture

0393 9007 grey aluminium fine texture

0397 pure white fine texture, similar to RAL 9010

0661 green pigmented white fine texture

0671 DB701 fine texture

0673 silver grey fine texture

0674 grey pigmented white fine texture

0675-3004 crimson fine texture

0679 wine red fine texture, similar to RAL 3005

0680 moss green fine texture

0682-6009 pine green fine texture

0683-7016 anthracite grey fine texture

0684-7040 window grey fine texture

0685-8014 sepia brown fine texture

0686-8016 mahogany brown fine texture

0800 deep brown fine texture

0851 metallic fine texture, similar to RAL 5011

0883 medium chestnut metallic fine texture

0884 dark chestnut metallic fine texture

0899 copper metallic fine texture


You can choose from all technically viable colours according to the RAL colour chart.

Special colours are always matte.



KOMPOtherm® wood décor is amazingly similar to natural timber surfaces. The difference: complex care, regular repainting and varnishing are no longer necessary. The wood décor surface is powder coated and not made of Renolit films. Only quality-assured, RAL coating powders that meet the highest standards of weather resistance are used.



0430 golden oak fine texture

0432 walnut fine texture

0433 rustic oak fine texture

0434 natural oak fine texture

0435 Douglas fir fine texture

0436 Wenge fine texture

0438 cherry fine texture

0439 rosewood fine texture

0440 mahogany fine texture

0477 olive fine texture

0478 rust fine texture

0479 dark rust fine texture

0482 concrete wooden boards fine texture

0483 oak boards fine texture

0484 oak boards sand beige fine texture

0485 old wood fine texture

0486 wooden boards mocha fine texture

0487 antique bronze fine texture

0490 concrete look fine texture

0501 aged cabin wood fine texture

0502 aged cabin wood cognac fine texture

0507 aged cabin wood grey fine texture

0510 winchester fine texture

Lizard décor

Our lizard colours create a particular type of finely textured surface. The structure is created by special colour pigments. The pattern is typically irregular and cannot be influenced. The areas near the edges of larger surfaces have a slightly different look compared to the central section. This is characteristic of lizard surfaces and cannot be prevented or limited due to the specific process used.

Each coated surface in lizard look is therefore unique.

0269 stone lizard

0273 red lizard

0278 black lizard

0280 grey lizard

0285 anthracite lizard

Natural stone applications

Natural stone is an absolutely timeless, organic product that has evolved over millions of years. Variation in colouring and patterns are therefore possible. However, we do our best to supply you with a product that is as uniform as possible and that possesses a homogeneous colour and structure. Despite impregnation or sealing, all natural stone surfaces must be regularly wiped with a damp cloth. Use a lint-free cloth for this purpose.

Important information:
Acidic cleaning products can damage the surface of the stone.

N0113 natural stone silver grey

N0115 natural stone galaxy black

Ceramic surfaces

The KOMPO Kera series from the versatile KOMPOtherm® collection gives every front door a fascinating personality. At the R + T in Stuttgart in 2015, KOMPOtherm® was one of the first manufacturers to apply ceramic surfaces on a front door. When designing house entrances, the puristic character of surfaces is increasingly in demand. When viewed, KOMPO Kera creates a very real feeling for the materiality and robustness. The highlight is the design gap. It ensures that the door seems to be tiled and gives it an expressive elegance. Ideally coordinated fittings in combination with matt aluminum surfaces create designs as if from a single source.

The characteristic KOMPO Kera surface feel underlines the modern influence of these models. The ten shades offered offer specialist partners a broader, creative spectrum of shades in a ceramic look.

K0201 concrete anthracite 510

K0202 concrete gray 410

K0203 dolomite anthracite 510

K0204 dolomite gray 410

K0205 fine concrete anthracite 500

K0206 fine concrete beige 210

K0207 fine concrete khaki 440

K0208 metal oxide anthracite 510

K0209 metal oxide white 110

K0211 slate anthracite 510

K0220 ceramic iron rust

K0222 ceramic iron anthracite

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