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Safety, acoustic and thermal insulation

Access galleries are external hallways that connect several residential units to each other. As the living spaces located behind the access gallery doors are usually not protected from heat loss and noise by an additional entrance area, such as a hallway, these doors must meet special requirements for thermal protction and acoustic insulation.

They offer the same break-in resistance as our standard entrance doors. Access gallery doors can be used in many ways, as the name suggests they can be used for access galleries, but also as entrance doors.

Technical data

Acoustic protection single-leaf door, solid RW (C;Ctr = 42 (-1;-3) dB
Acoustic-rated single-leaf door, solid, with transom light RW (C;Ctr = 43 (-1;-4) dB
Break-in resistanceoptional RC 2 / RC 3
Thermal insulation UD values from = 0.6 W/m2 . K
Air permeability locked Class 4
Water tightness under heavy rain Class 3A
Wind resistance Class C 5
Acoustic insulation Class 3

Good thermal insulation helps save costs while also supporting the environment.

THERMAL PROTECTION KOtherm Laubengang 96 – for maximum acoustic insulation and thermal protection

Acoustic insulation from = RW (C;Ctr = 42 (-1;-3) dB

KOtherm Laubengang 96 with entrance door infill overlapping the leaf on both sides

Total depth 99 mm

  1. Exterior infill overlapping the leaf
  2. Interior infill overlapping the leaf
  3. 3 sealing levels
  4. All-round central insulation system to separate the interior and exterior chamber in the rebate area
  5. Maximum insulation zone between the two profile chambers, filled with a high thermal insulation Isopor insulating core
  6. High warp resistance due to profile cross-section filling corner joints
  7. Automatically retractable threshold seal in the entrance door leaf
  8. The bottom leaf stop is adjustable and can be matched to the given floor situation without having to unhinge the door leaf
  9. Handicap accessible floor threshold made of aluminium and polyamide with thermal insulation
  10. Entrance door infill with thermal insulation core
  11. Entrance door infill with acoustic insulation core


The KOMPOtherm® digital spyhole can be inserted in all doors with an infill thickness from 35 – 109 mm. It consists of a digital lens with a viewing angle of 105° and a 3.5”LCD monitor. Its resolution is 0.3 megapixels. Already existing drill holes from 4 - 22 mm are covered.

The device measures 135 (w) x 85 (H) x 24.5 mm (D) and weighs 350 g. It is operated by 4 AAA batteries.
Item no. 14660

External camera

Internal monitor

Add some colour to your life

In addition to the safety and functionality, the visual appearance also plays a major role when purchasing a door. KOMPOtherm® can be matched to your individual style with its wide range of designs, fittings and special equipment, such as the fingerprint system or the KOMPOtherm® Doorbird.

The interior and exterior surfaces of your access gallery door can be equipped with different surface finishes. This way, for example, a block of flats can have a uniform look on the outside, while the interior can feature different styles according to the individual wishes of the residents.

16 standard colours for individual designs at no surcharge

You have a free choice of 16 standard colours to design your KOMPOtherm® dream home entrance door at no surcharge. Even multi-colours, for example one colour on the interior and one colours on the exterior is available without a surcharge.

RAL 3004 matte crimson

RAL 5011 matte steel blue

RAL 6009 matte pine green

RAL 7016 matte anthracite grey

0683-7016 anthracite grey fine texture

0684-7040 window grey fine texture

0703 DB 703 iron glimmer

0396 DB 703 metallic fine texture

RAL 8007 matte deer brown

RAL 8016 matte mahogany brown

0800 deep brown fine texture

RAL 9001 matte creamy white

RAL 9006 matte white aluminium

RAL 9007 matte grey aluminium

RAL 9016 silky gloss traffic white

0673 silver grey fine texture



The KOMPO Doorbird is a digital spyhole. The Doorbird is linked to the smartphone or tablet. It supports iOS and Android (these devices are not included in the scope of delivery). With the free of charge Doorbird app, it is possible to communicate with guests via the smartphone, regardless of where you are at the time. The only prerequisite is a stable WLAN or LAN cable on the door. Doorbird allows you to open your door via the app. This function can be manually switched off on the door.
Item no. 14600


No more looking for the door key and never being locked out again – this is made possible by the radio finger scan system KOMPO-Qscan! All you have to do: Apply your finger and the door will open. This is because the safe biometric recognition turns your fingerprint into an electronic key. The teaching in, blocking, and deletion of the fingerprints is exceptionally easy and convenient with the master radio key. The useful guest finger function allows separate teaching in, blocking and deletion of temporary users, such as cleaners, service technicians, or gardeners.
Item no. 14230

Concealed door hinge

The distinguishing feature of this invisible door hinge is its positioning in the interior chamber of the entrance door profiles. This way, neither the insulation chamber nor a sealing level is interrupted. Furthermore, great attention was paid to easy door leaf fitting. The concealed KOMPOtherm® door hinge consists of stainless steel diecast components and has the option of quick and easy three-dimensional adjustment. All Therm series can be equipped with concealed hinges.


1.) Fascia frame for partition wall fitting

Fitting in new and old buildings is also possible flush-fitting. For this purpose, the fascia frame is mounted to the finished rendered surface finish. Or fitting is to the raw brickwork and rendered later.


2.) Fascia frame for front wall fitting

The access gallery doors can also be fitted directly to the wall. This type iof fastening is also located invisibly underneath the buffer sealing.


3.) Fascia frame for frame fitting

For fitting during renovation, the fascia frame is inserted into the existing steel frame from the inside and firmly bolted into the brickwork. The fascia frame covers the old steel frame and your new door is fitted quickly and neatly.


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