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Stylish, striking - the deep black design


Access Gallery Doors

For exterior corridors with acoustic insulation 42 dB



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Appartment front doors

A safety home with HOMEtherm®


Quality made in Germany

The name KOMPOtherm® has been synonymous with uniquely crafted front doors made of aluminium, glass and stainless steel for the last 30 years.


Security, style and status – front doors have been symbols since time immemorial. As a house’s calling card, the values of the home are expressed in the front door. A quality brand, KOMPOtherm® has combined the benefits of industrial production with sophisticated craftsmanship for more than three decades. Each of our front doors is a unique item – fashioned by a family business that lives up to its values, enshrined in the principles of honesty, fairness and reliability. Our 300 specialised employees take meticulous care to accompany your journey from your front door dreams to a dream front door.