KOMPOtherm® front doors, made in Germany!
Raising the bar for heat insulation, security and design.

The name KOMPOtherm® has been synonymous with uniquely crafted front doors made of aluminium, glass and stainless steel for the last 30 years.


Security, style and status – front doors have been symbols since time immemorial. As a house’s calling card, the values of the home are expressed in the front door. A quality brand, KOMPOtherm® has combined the benefits of industrial production with sophisticated craftsmanship for more than three decades. Each of our front doors is a unique item – fashioned by a family business that lives up to its values, enshrined in the principles of honesty, fairness and reliability. Our 300 specialised employees take meticulous care to accompany your journey from your front door dreams to a dream front door.



Impressions from the Fensterbau Frontale 2018 trade show



No matter what burglars come up with next: they will have a tough time getting past locked front doors from KOMPOtherm®. After all, the high security standards of KOMPOtherm® front doors are officially tested and certified.



The individual profile parts are joined using high-tech metal bonding technology, which is also used in today’s aerospace industry. The high stability and rigidity of the connection is ensured by corner and T-connectors that fill the profile cross-section.



The main concern in creating the concealed front door hinges was to blend robust technology with an attractive look. Moving the hinge to the frame and sash enabled a smooth design of the  hinge section of the door on the interior side.



A hidden receiver in the door frame recognises the KOMPO Keyless-go transponder, tucked away in the resident’s pocket, as soon as they approach the front door. It only takes a gentle touch on the handle to open the door, even if your hands are full.


Colours create a particular atmosphere, trigger emotional responses or set the right mood. Colour highlights your personality, even on the front door. KOMPOtherm® places the whole world of colours at your fingertips.


Artistic glass features lend a sophisticated look to the front door. There are virtually no limits to creativity when it comes to front doors by KOMPOtherm®. We have perfected established techniques and use ornamental, bevelled and lead glazing elements, which are painstakingly manufactured by hand according to centuries-old artisanal traditions.

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We will gladly assist if you have questions about our front doors, catalogues or your closest dealership: call +49 (0)52 46 / 704 - 0 or email us at kontakt(at)kompotherm.de.