KOMPOtherm® – Qualität made in Germany

Perfekte Verbindung von handwerklichem Können und maschineller Fertigung

Aluminium Front Doors by KOMPOtherm®

Quality made in Germany

We manufacture front doors and panels on our own production lines. This ensures precise coordination of all components and a uniform surface finish, as we do not mix materials. We have always attached great importance to solid craftsmanship. This means that KOMPOtherm® front doors and panels are 90 percent hand-made; after all, it is precisely the human touch that lends KOMPOtherm® front doors their particular quality, despite the necessary precision machining.

We have defined our own quality benchmarks thanks to a strong tradition of skilful craftsmanship in perfect combination with mechanical production.


  • Family business with 300 employees
  • Own production of front doors and panels
  • Own production of aluminium canopies
  • Own powder coating system
  • Production in Germany and France
  • 10,500 sqm of production space at headquarters in Verl
  • Over 40 years of metalworking experience
  • Sales and service Europe-wide

Your contact at KOMPOtherm®

We will gladly assist if you have questions about our front doors, catalogues or your closest dealership: call +49(0)5246/704-0 or email us at kontakt@kompotherm.de