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1. Bolt and latch

Bolt and latch in the central section of the lock, with inside handle and long plate


2. Multiple locking systems

You will find this security technology in the upper and lower section of the door leaf, depending on the version of the locking device.


3. Continuous, stainless steel face plate

This face plate is securely connected to the frame.


4. Integrated safety catch

Enables you to keep the door slightly ajar. The concealed lock parts are opened from outside using the main key or by turning the knob on the inside (special accessories).



Open, close – your finger is the key!

No more frantic searches for your keys, and farewell to the fear of getting locked out – with the remote control fingerprint scanner system
KOMPO Qscan! You only need to place your finger on the sensor to open the door
. The system uses secure biometric detection to convert your fingerprint into
an electronic key. The memory function can store up to 50 different users,
which it recognises as soon as they place their fingers on the pad.

The fingerprint key is available in a convenient and inexpensive entry-level version.
KOMPO Scan does not need a sophisticated control unit, but is still as protected against
unauthorised use as its ‘big brother’. In addition, purists and design enthusiasts will love the flat, stainless steel cover plate
, because it is only three millimetres thick and looks
extremely classy. Article no. 14030

The KOMPO Qscan features

»  Convenient basic finger scanning system
»  Biometric detection with self-leaning capability
»  Designed for up to 50 users
»  Automatically locks the door each time it is pulled shut
»  Integrated adapter for connection to the 230V mains
»  Door can be opened using the key or the inner handle at any time
»  Slender, 3 mm cover plate made of stainless steel
»  No connection of burglar alarms, remote monitoring etc. is possible


The KOMPO Doorbird is a video intercom system for family homes (only one bell is possible). A smartphone or tablet (not included) is used as the receiver. Android and iOS (iPhone) are supported. Home owners can communicate with arriving guests using the free Doorbird smartphone app. The system requires a stable Wi-Fi connection or a LAN cable at the front door.

• Camera with night vision function
• Stainless steel bell
• Microphone
• Loudspeaker
• Movement and twilight sensor


Safe Protect High Therm 0.5 Ug-value = 0.5 W / m2· K
Doors from the Security meets design series meet the safety requirements of RC 2. They are fitted with the laminated safety glass Safe Protect High Therm. In addition, these models are flush overlap with both sides on the inside and outside.

Safe Protect High Therm 0.5 Ug-value = 0.5 W / m2· K


  1. Laminated safety glass P4A 9.5 with functional thermal layer
  2. Motif or ornamental glazing 4 mm
  3. Inert gas filling
  4. Laminated safety glass 6 mm with functional thermal layer
  5. Glass spacers as the ‘warm edge
  6. PLUSline decorative frame




Our proprietary presentation software makes it possible!

KOMPOtherm® dealers are increasingly using computers to advise customers. The KOMPOsoft® presentation program is an ideal tool. It uses a font view of your entrance area to add the KOMPOtherm® awning or KOMPOtherm® front door of your choice, giving you an immediate and fascinating impression of the finished product. We can show you today what your entrance can look like tomorrow.

Customer photo

Proposal 1, created with KOMPOsoft®

Proposal 2, created with KOMPOsoft®


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